Those of greater advantage have a responsibility to help the less advantaged

The room’s décor is elegant and impressive. The meal is a succulent array of delicacies, complimented by an extensive collection of vintage wines. The guests are a group of the most prominent and powerful corporate and political leaders. The reason for their gathering? To poke fun at one of their respected peers with the goal of raising money to benefit important grassroots causes in the community.

Founded by Mr. Richard J. Renaud in 1984, Roasters Foundation finds its roots in these memorable events. A Roast is an evening held to honour, or rather dishonour a willing participant with a good heart and an even better sense of humour. The man or woman of the hour agrees to being ridiculed and brought down in esteem for awhile – all in the spirit of raising the hopes and opportunities of the people in their community.

It is this very element – that those of greater advantage have a responsibility to help the less advantaged – which most strongly represents the philosophy of Roasters Foundation. Reflecting on the history of the organization, it is clear that our mission has always been to give back by empowering our local communities.

Different Roasts through the years

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  • February 5, 1991: Stephen Jarislowsky
  • October 15, 1990: Ned Goodman “Ned – Factor or Fiction?”
  • February 5, 1990: Richard J. Renaud “Pope Ricky”
  • February 7, 1989: Hubert Marleau
  • February 3, 1987: Brahm Gelfand
  • February 11, 1986: Reford McDougall “7000 best friends”