Educate, innovate and inspire entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Roasters Foundation: bring together the various components and help them roll in the same direction.

Our approach

Educate, innovate
and inspire
entrepreneurial philanthropy


An educated population makes
for a society equipped to deal
with the challenges of the future.


Enrich the healthcare
system in ways
ways beyond

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!

Roasters Foundation is dedicated to empowering the community by taking an innovative approach
to education and health care, stressing partnerships, and leading by example.

Partnering With Others

Many people and organizations are working to make our community a better place: governments, non-profits, corporations, foundations, associations and private individuals. But sometimes they work in different directions, with results that are less than they could be.

The key is collaboration!

For its many activities – from raising funds to community programs – the Roasters Foundation favors partnership by offering a winning formula:

  • Identify the strengths of each player
  • Build bridges between everyone involved
  • Coordinate all efforts effectively
  • Limit duplication of effort
  • Create harmony between all organizations involved
  • Celebrate collective and individual accomplishments


of young people complete high school or a professional training by the age of 20.


of students who do not go on to post-secondary education say their financial situation is a major barrier.

Canada will have a shortage of 60,000 Registered Nurses by 2022.